Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Charlie's Angels" - Section 004, Group 6


This is a blog about a murder. Our blog tells the story by showing it from many different viewpoints. It is about one subject, but we go into detail to make it more interesting. We arranged our blog in a way that makes it easy to navigate and access the information we are writing about. We did this by having a sidebar with the links to all of our pages. We also have a table of contents that allows you to easily find things on the blog. Also, we made our blog easy to read and comprehend. Making a blog easy to read and navigate are two important aspects to remember when blogging. Our favorite part of this project was the fact that we didn't have to meet with our group outside of class to do the project. It is very hard to find a time when everyone in the group can get together, but with blogging you don't have to worry about this. Our least favorite part of the project was how confusing it was in the beginning. Now that we have worked with blogger for a couple of weeks, it is not that confusing.

Group Members:
Kat, Monica, Kelli, Denise, Stacie

Instructor Feedback - Student Feedback
I like the very straightforward introduction to your blog given in the link-exchange paragraph.  "This is a blog about a murder" sets the topic and the tone very nicely.  Also, you've set different topics for each page, and this makes it easier to navigate between pages and to see what you're looking for, differentiating between the murderers and the public perceptions.  However, you'll want to consider where in the list your About Page would be most effective.  Since the other pages are all focused on your research, a casual visitor might not realize that the blog itself is built around describing a single murder.

Also, you may want to look at the overall tone of the documents.  The Police Report provides very simple, straightforward details regarding the murder and the Obituary provides the kind of neutral social details we expect.  However, you'll want to consider how the Newspaper Article and Apology Letter cast the motive of the murder.  In giving the wife's motive as simple jealousy over her husband's appearance, we may not get to see some of the deeper strain she's under.  What other factors would affect her decision to kill her husband?  And how much of this would she reveal to her late husband's mother?  Also, what would the daughter say to reporters after seeing her mother murder her father?  If she is doing all right, it would be good to see a little bit more about what makes her so resilient.

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  1. I really liked the appearance of this blog because it is very inviting at easy to look at. I like the fact that the posts are a different color then the background because they stand out and are clear to read.