Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Charlie the Unicorn" - Section 004, Group 5

Shark Bait Uh Ha Ha

Our blog highlights the important aspects of shark attacks. We have arranged it in a way that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Our main goal in creating Shark Bait Uh Ha Ha is to educate and inform individuals about real life accounts and statistics on shark attacks. We have organized the tabs in a way that allows the user to select what they would like to learn about. Readers should be aware that in order for our blog to be 100% effective they must visit each tab to become fully educated on shark attacks.

Group Members:
Laurel, Melissa, Lindsey, Eric

Instructor Feedback - Student Feedback
I really like the intensity used here in sharing the shark attack story - we immediately get a feel for just how devastating and terrifying this event was for the family.  Also, the information provided by the individual documents lines up very well with the chosen genres - the Mayor's Letter to Clearwater Residents nicely situates itself in terms of what people already know and what precautions they should take in the future.  The Shark Attack Article and the Obituary both tell the same story, but we can clearly see the different social functions these two documents fill.

Something to consider, though, is how you delineate the scope of your blog.  Under the About tab, we're told that this blog will tell us everything we need to know about shark attacks, but the main focus of the blog is the one attack in particular.  Also, you'll want to address how each tab fits within the scope of the blog.  Starting with the Why tab, consider which order your readers are likely to click on the different tabs.  With the wealth of statistics out there, consider what ways you might be able to convey these numbers to your readers quickly without necessarily sending them to another website.

Style Note
When organizing information, it helps to break up the larger chunks of text into shorter paragraphs.

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