Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Project 2 Link Exchange Paragraphs

For each group, please add a comment with your link exchange paragraph.  Please feel free to make the paragraphs as long or as short as you like, but it's easiest if there is only one submission per group.  Please make sure to include the following information:

  1. Blog URL
  2. Section #, Group #, and Group Members
  3. Paragraph (or two)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Young Blogger Reveals Sense of Style

The Style Rookie and Rookie Mag are two blogs set up by a high school student named Tavi.  Both blogs reveal a distinct sense of style (which one hopes to see in any blog about fashion), but Tavi's blogs go a bit deeper still.  Both blogs feature a great balance of visual and written material, holding the eye and the reader's interest.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The Blue Turtles" - Section 012, Group 6

Shark Attack

I feel like our blog is a legitimate blog for many reasons. First, we have it well organized and everyone's post corresponds with our other posts in the blog. We also have legitimate information that is easy to comprehend which I think is due to the fact that our sources gave us the best possible information on our topic. Our blog, which dealt with shark attacks, gives a reasonably possible situation with an obvious outcome. The boy, although was very young, would not have survived the attack that he had experienced in reality and that is why we had to end the story with the tragedy. This makes our blog look a little more realistic and can be seen more as a non fiction story. All of these details go a long way in making our blog look organized and reasonable. --Sam

This blog is good because it is very well written. We looked at numerous resources to find out how certain genres are written to make this blog. Also, by researching different types of articles we were able to make our blogs articles look very realistic. All of our stories tie together really good and make our story about Chad Purple flow. Our blog is also easy to flow, by following the table of contents you can get to any part of the blog very easily. Our blog is very detailed and all of our articles are well written for the genre they are in. Each article has the same information just given in a different way. --Jaclyn

Group Members:
Sam, Rachel, Jaclyn, Mike

"Ninja Couch Potatoes" - Section 012, Group 2

College Group 2

Group Members:
Jordan, Meredith, Fred, John, Ciera

"Christmas Squirrels" - Section 012, Group 3

Don't Crash, Don't Die

Hello, I can see that you are interested in creating a blog for the first time. You may refer to our blog as a good example of how blogging should be executed. Our blog is a collection of documents relating to a drunk driving accident, and how to prevent future accidents of the same nature. Our blog can be applied to anyone from their teenage years all the way up to adulthood. Feel free to post, subscribe, and comment on our blog. --Scott

I believe we have a very successful blog. For all of us brand new to the whole blogging world we started from scratch and built a good blog. Our topic was on a car accident scenario. We devided the work into different sections such as the insurance claim, police report, advertisement exc. The reasoning for our successful blog was organization. Our blog was organized well which brought the whole project together also we added visual appeal by changing the background color from white to red. --Pat


Group Members:
Scott, Katie, Melissa, Daniel, Pat

"Better Than Group 2" - Section 012, Group 1

Wedding Info

Our blog is about a wedding. We included a marriage license, a flower order form, the wedding vows, and the wedding toast. Our blog is well organized by the tabs across the top of the blog page. The tabs contain each document used for each personal assignment. We have our information post, our rough drafts, and our final drafts. We also have a tab containing the story of our situation. It is very easy to navigate around the blog site and click on whichever post you would like to view. All the individual documents flow together so when the reader is going through each post it is easy to follow. The blog is also very inviting by the bright colors, which really incorporate with the feel of a fun wedding. --Nicole

I feel that our blog is a good example of how a blog would look. You have it organized by the authors of the work and it is easier to find what they did instead of it being everyone's work together and trying to figure out whose is whose. Also it grabs attention because it is kind of out there with the background and it can look very interesting to probably more female bloggers. Of course there are always things that could be added but for a beginners blog I feel ours did a good job of showing all the different things that can be done when making a blog. --Amy

Group Members:
Dawn, Amy, Nicole, Sierra

"Avocados" - Section 012, Group 4

Potato Famine

This blog should be visited because it has many interesting facts about the Potato Famine. The ideas expressed in our posts are very informative, and include many credible facts. The blog background is very dull and depressing, which fits the depressing mood of the famine itself.The contents of the blog include a story of moving to America, and a letter from a little Irish girl. These factors help the viewer visualize what it was like to live during the time of the Potato Famine. Everything in our blog is well organized and easy to find. The tabs on the top of the page categorize the topics in the posts. All these factors help our blog be a good, original example for others to see.

Group Members:
Emily, Connor, Jessica, Mike, Josh

"Nerd Herd" - Section 004, Group 2

Shark Attack Awareness
When starting out creating this blog, our group had kind of a hard time figuring out how to manage the site and use the different tools. After a while we finally figured out how to make it unique and easy to follow. The subject of our blog is Shark Attack Awareness. We wanted to inform our readers about ways to protect themselves when swimming in an ocean to avoid being a victim of an attack. We also added information about shark attack statistics, species of sharks, and how to defend and/or prevent yourself from an attack. There are also websites that link our readers to videos of real victims from shark attacks that hopefully is enough of a warning. We organized our blog by putting tabs at the top of the names of the contributors to the blog, a home page and an about tab to give a short summary of what the whole blog is going to be about. By having others read our blog, we are hoping that it would influence them to create their own just for fun or also to be informative about something they are passionate about.

Group Members:
Teddy, Justine, Connor, Chrissy, Leah

"Charlie's Angels" - Section 004, Group 6


This is a blog about a murder. Our blog tells the story by showing it from many different viewpoints. It is about one subject, but we go into detail to make it more interesting. We arranged our blog in a way that makes it easy to navigate and access the information we are writing about. We did this by having a sidebar with the links to all of our pages. We also have a table of contents that allows you to easily find things on the blog. Also, we made our blog easy to read and comprehend. Making a blog easy to read and navigate are two important aspects to remember when blogging. Our favorite part of this project was the fact that we didn't have to meet with our group outside of class to do the project. It is very hard to find a time when everyone in the group can get together, but with blogging you don't have to worry about this. Our least favorite part of the project was how confusing it was in the beginning. Now that we have worked with blogger for a couple of weeks, it is not that confusing.

Group Members:
Kat, Monica, Kelli, Denise, Stacie

"Charlie the Unicorn" - Section 004, Group 5

Shark Bait Uh Ha Ha

Our blog highlights the important aspects of shark attacks. We have arranged it in a way that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Our main goal in creating Shark Bait Uh Ha Ha is to educate and inform individuals about real life accounts and statistics on shark attacks. We have organized the tabs in a way that allows the user to select what they would like to learn about. Readers should be aware that in order for our blog to be 100% effective they must visit each tab to become fully educated on shark attacks.

Group Members:
Laurel, Melissa, Lindsey, Eric

"The Best" - Section 004, Group 1


Our blog is a good example because we have everything set up to make it clearer for the reader. We added pictures so that others can try to actually see the story in their head if they would like. Our links are well sorted and the tabs we have created make the blog easier to navigate through. We each took interesting parts to make our story entertaining. By creating letters, a police report, and including actual facts about chloroform our blog remains creative as well as informative. Overall our blog is well set up and very organized. One thing that I like from another blog is how each person has a different tab which makes it easier to see how each person is contributing to the overall project.

Group Members:
Haley, Sean, Alli, Kurt, Brittany

Untitled - Section 004, Group 3 & 4


Our blog is center around the events before, during and after 9/11. On this blog, there is a wide variety of facts, statistics, effects and personal accounts of 9/11. In addition to this, we also have specific writings, such as obituaries, police reports and news articles, which correlate to the topic of 9/11. We hope that the combination of these articles and post will make our website as dynamic as possible. Why did we choose this topic? With the ten year anniversary of 9/11 approaching at the time, we figured why not. This event is extremely important and memorable, so we tried out hardest to get it all right and do it justice. We hope we covered every aspect of this memorable day.

We chose to set up our blog in the way we did so others viewing the website could see which group members contributed what. Like the survivors, victims and others affected by 9/11, we all have different points of view and interests. This way, everyone can see our individual contributions, but can also see that together we make a whole, just like how the victims have their own stories, but come together to make one united group of proud Americans.

Group Members:
Maggie, Kathleen, Adam, Augustine

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revised Research Post: A Blogger Set-Up Tutorial

In this post, I want to help my readers set up a blog from Step 1 (setting up that pesky Google Account) to that First Post and then on to a bit about Design.  Since this post is meant to be user-friendly, I'll use clean formatting and carefully worded links to outside URL's.  I'm also going to imbed some helpful YouTube videos - they do, after all, tend to hold the reader's attention better than actual reading.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Your Blogger Blog-Post Toolbar

When you first start a new post, you'll see a dizzying array of tools to format your post.  Let's go through them one-by-one.

(Dude!  How'd you get a "Read More" link?  Use the Insert Break in the section on Inserting Cool Stuff.)

Why I Recommend Blogger

I recommend Blogger because it's relatively easy-to-use, but that ease-of-use creates some limitations.  If you'd like to compare some of the features of different platforms, you can take a look at my article Comparing Blog Platforms.

Research Post, First Draft: Links on Using Blogger

This is a first draft of my research post.  The goal of this post is to show you how I draft a blog post.

If you're seeing this from the Home tab, then click the "Read More" link that follows this line. (want to learn how to add that to your blog? Then click to learn about using Your Blogger Toolbar.)

Starter Post

Hi There!  This is Ryan.  I'm creating a new blog to illustrate how your research blogs should look.

You'll notice that this post, being the first post, is way down at the bottom of the page.  And that's just no good.  I need to introduce you to the blog from the moment you visit the site.  That's why an "About" page is so important.

Now, since this is the "Intro" page for my basic lesson plan, I want to include a helpful link to carry you to the next lesson.  So here it is: