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"Better Than Group 2" - Section 012, Group 1

Wedding Info

Our blog is about a wedding. We included a marriage license, a flower order form, the wedding vows, and the wedding toast. Our blog is well organized by the tabs across the top of the blog page. The tabs contain each document used for each personal assignment. We have our information post, our rough drafts, and our final drafts. We also have a tab containing the story of our situation. It is very easy to navigate around the blog site and click on whichever post you would like to view. All the individual documents flow together so when the reader is going through each post it is easy to follow. The blog is also very inviting by the bright colors, which really incorporate with the feel of a fun wedding. --Nicole

I feel that our blog is a good example of how a blog would look. You have it organized by the authors of the work and it is easier to find what they did instead of it being everyone's work together and trying to figure out whose is whose. Also it grabs attention because it is kind of out there with the background and it can look very interesting to probably more female bloggers. Of course there are always things that could be added but for a beginners blog I feel ours did a good job of showing all the different things that can be done when making a blog. --Amy

Group Members:
Dawn, Amy, Nicole, Sierra

Instructor Feedback - Student Feedback
In the link-exchange paragraphs, I like how you specify the type of tab organization and the reason it works well with the blog - this lets potential visitors know ahead of time what to look for, knowing that the work for each blog author will be separated from the others.  The drawback, though, is that it's harder to navigate if you're looking for a specific aspect of the wedding.  Something you might consider would be to use the About page as a kind of anchor page, and then adding in links to each aspect of the wedding.  The description of the wedding stress - especially the strain of the "faked" relationships for the Jersey Shore cameras and having to assemble this romantic moment before everyone heads home - really holds the reader's attention.  I would consider some ways that you could use this in deciding when to direct readers to the other pages.

I like the creativity in the overall appearance of the blog - as you pointed out in the link-exchange, it does give the feeling of a fun wedding.  Also, the creative names on the tabs (Nicole's "fabulous" Page and Page de Sierra) add nice touch of flair.  Moving into the tabs themselves, the links make it very simple for me to find the individual assignments you've each prepared.  On the other hand, consider how visitors might decide which pages to visit.  It might help to provide brief descriptions of each of the links.  Or, if you wanted, you might decide that some of the documents prepared for your final-draft posts could be moved to the main pages, and then the links to the other posts would provide context for your readers.

Amy, I like how in your rough draft you include reasons why certain aspects of wedding vows are included, and then then the final-draft vows have a nice touch of humor mixed with the serious promises (I admit, I've never seen references to toilet seats and football games in wedding vows, but they seem to fit here.  They mesh well with the story).

Nicole, I like how your rough draft also laid out the function of each paragraph in the wedding toast, and then the use of the story from the club reinforces the personal relationships we see here.

Sierra, I like the way you've linked to websites which offer floral arrangements and also to ones which offer explanations for those hoping to go the "do-it-yourself" route.  Also, your flower arrangements (via e-mail) are very professional.  To build on this, though, you would want to write more about how you came to decide on which prices and flowers to list.  Think about the conversations which would happen in order for the bride and groom to make these arrangements with the florist.  Would other family members be involved?  Other cast members from Jersey Shore?  Who would make the final decisions on colors and style?

Dawn, I like that you've included your Blackboard write-up on the blog - the insights here about the use of wedding licenses give good insights regarding what most of us see as a simple document.  With the sources you cited, it would be good to see a bit more about how each individual source helped you create the license.  Maybe let us know what separates an Italian marriage license from an American one, if there are differences.

Wedding Certificate (from Dawn)

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