Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The Best" - Section 004, Group 1


Our blog is a good example because we have everything set up to make it clearer for the reader. We added pictures so that others can try to actually see the story in their head if they would like. Our links are well sorted and the tabs we have created make the blog easier to navigate through. We each took interesting parts to make our story entertaining. By creating letters, a police report, and including actual facts about chloroform our blog remains creative as well as informative. Overall our blog is well set up and very organized. One thing that I like from another blog is how each person has a different tab which makes it easier to see how each person is contributing to the overall project.

Group Members:
Haley, Sean, Alli, Kurt, Brittany

Instructor Feedback - Student Feedback
I like how you've adapted the format and design of your blog to fit the subject. By presenting the chloroform poisoning as a kind of mystery and then cutting straight to the public announcement, you immerse the reader in a realistic place. We hear the news stories, but don't necessarily know the backstory. I also like how each article is specifically targeted to the audience. Students are instructed to contact the school, the FDA, and local authorities regarding any suspicions, and the official reports do their best to reassure everyone that measures are being taken to find the culprit and while preventing a recurrence.

Something to watch out for in your articles is the use of present, past, and present-perfect tense. In general, look at how public officials use tense to indicate what has happened versus what the current situation is. Also, you may want to look at ways to incorporate a few more details from your About page into the documents. The eyewitness reports of how Arthur "just dropped" are interesting, and should probably be mentioned more prominently in the police report. Also, consider the narrative an details. How far from the cafeteria did Arthur go before passing out? Why did he smell the cupcake out on the quad and not when he picked it out?

Also, an important consideration for blogs is how we present real-world organizations. Using Virginia Tech here adds realism, but it could be problematic if an outside reader thought this was an actual case of food tampering which happened there. What are some ways you could maintain the sense of realism without the risk of affecting the reputation of Virginia Tech as a school?

I found the Table of Contents to be well organized. I like the separation between the final-draft documents and the research - this made the blog easy to navigate, and the information was clearly presented.


  1. This blog was very crisp and clean in its design and appearance. I think it was a very good idea to do a table of contents because it makes the blog very clean and not too cluttered.

  2. I liked how organized you were when setting up your table of contents. You did a great job of making your blog look welcoming and easy to follow along with.